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AMIN'S is one of the Gujarat's leading distributors of WALLPAPERS, FLOORINGS & other interior products. While much has changed with our company over the years, some things have remained constant: our total commitment to provide you with the highest quality products, the most knowledgeable sales staff, and unsurpassed customer service. Our goal is to give you the assurance that our products will not only look beautiful but also perform to the highest standards.

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About Management Team & work

Much of our company's growth and success can be attributed to our mission of seeking out only the best people, products and partnerships. AMIN'S distributes some of the most recognized brands in the market today, including ELEMENTTO, BROWN AND GOLD , STILEX, BALTERIO, UNITEX, DEXTER, AD ,EGO, GOSPORTEZ, SOLARBRITE, TARKETT and many more.

AMIN'S products have expanded rapidly over the last 38 years. The driving influence for this product line expansion was to meet the needs and requests of our valued customers, primarily interior designers, architects, builders, contractors , hoteliers ,corporate and end users.

Our Services

Make sure surfaces are smooth, clean and dry prior to application of wallpapers or flooring. Lightly sand the walls and make any necessary repairs to cracks, etc. Always seal the wall with a primer-sealer.. We also take measurements and help you calculate the exact amount of wallpaper or flooring required by you.most wallpapers come in roll forms where as in some cases we do provide half rolls or in multiples of 2 mtrs.it is recommended to place wallpaper orders prior to the final date as certain wallpapers take a week to 15 days for arrival.flooring should always be installed by a professional as different flooring requite different adessives or installation methods.

Maintanance and care
In order to maximize the durability and beauty of your flooring, we recommend you place a doormat at the entrances avoid sharp or pointed objects with concentrated weight such as high heels use protective felt pads under furniture legs. Do not slide furniture or appliances across your floor.Regular Vacuuming is the best way to deal with everyday dust and dirt. For inevitable spills and accidents it's best to treat the area as promptly as possible.Remove Dust and cobwebs by vacuuming .If Your wallpaper is washable, wipe the walls down at least once a year.It Is best to do repare wallpaper tear as soon as you see a seam coming loose. Why? Because if you ignore it, over time the loose paper will become stiff and brittle, and much harder to fix.

When you come to our display center we also provide you with a number of wallpaper,flooring and blinds options to complete the look of your home.We also have an inhouse designer to help you choose the perfect wallpaper or flooring keeping in mind the area,your style and reference and the budget.Our staff is also experienced and helpfull to give you space and comfort to round up on the final selections. We would be more than happy to answer to any queries you have regarding our products not only before but after we hav completed the installations.