• Wallcovering Eclat

    After the gold fever, a weathered dust that settles on surfaces in the wind remains. All evoque lightness and the refinement of places that have a history ... The poetry of luxury. Mother of pearl, cork and metal announce splendor and magnificence, where each fragment is a sparkle. Ultimate sanctuary for luxury and design?s authenticity, handmade creation is the space where everything is conceivable. Neither time nor difficulty matter.

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    Wallcoverings : Mother-of-pearl, cork, metal, abaca, bacnoc*, just like cut diamonds, give off their natural and wild origin. The ancestral culture and the skill of the craftsmen unveil their modernity. All our references are non-woven backed for easy hanging. *RM 880 : 16% metal 84% Bacnoc (first layer of the tree trunk after the bark)

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  • Wallcovering Robinson

    This wallcovering collection is the result of a long collaboration with exceptional creators. Product of paradise islands, its authenticity and its modernity make it unique. A selection of 5 wall finishes, in 27 references and colors. Once dry, the abaca fibers* are processed, softened, dyed with natural pigments, and finally either woven or pasted onto the backing. These operations demand patience, vigilance and an acute artistic sense. Each production is unique, and one linear meter takes a full work day to produce. All our references are non-woven backed for easy hanging. * RM 902 ; 100% Lopiz (internal part of abaca bark). * RM 903 ; 100% Bacbac (external part of abaca bark).

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